How to Make your Vagina Tighter

Unusual Exercises That Will Tighten Your Vagina

private partsAll women desire to have tight vaginal muscles. However, most of them are embarrassed to talk about vaginal looseness.

This is an issue that affects so many women. There is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to looseness. This is because it is something that is perfectly natural.

There are many things that can lead to a floppy vag. Having too much sex is not one of the causes.

Vaginal muscles become lose because of child bearing. This is because when a woman gives birth, the vaginal muscles widen to allow the baby to pass. Aging can also lead to vaginal looseness because of hormonal imbalance.

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There are some women who may wonder whether it is important to strengthen loose muscles.

Since this is a problem that is rarely discussed openly, it may not seem to be a major problem. However, the truth of the matter is that a floppy pussy destroys a woman’s self-confidence. It also leads to low libido. Low libido can affect your relationship or marriage negatively. If you want to avoid these problems, you have no choice but look for a way to solve your vaginal problem.

There are many suggestions that you will come across when you are looking for a way to tighten your vag. However, none of the suggestions that you are going to find will be as effective as tightening exercises. Here are the exercises that all women should do to make their vaginas small and lovely…

Kegel muscle exercises

Kegels can be done at the comfort of your own home. These are the most popular excise that most women try prior to trying anything else. You can find a lot of information about different kegels online. There are also many different types of tools that you can use to do these exercises. Kegels help to strengthen the walls so that they can go back to the state they were before they got loose. Remember, having a tight vagina will translate to being able to make your man have an orgasm that will leave him yearning for more.

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It is amazing really how most women haven’t even tried doing these simple workout routines for their cervical muscles. The simplicity of these workouts are just astonishing if you consider the other options that most ladies have for getting their bodies more firm down there. With a consistent approach to it along with the proper technique, you’ll get the results that you are looking for without too much hassle on your end.

Most women have never done kegels because they are wary of their bodies. It is really easy to do these exercises. It all starts by locating your pelvic muscles. This will require you to lie down on your back. Try as hard as you can to squeeze the muscles. The correct muscles are those that you usually use when you want to stop the flow of urine. Train the pelvic muscles by doing 3 to 6 sets each with 25 reps. Hold for 25 seconds after each rep. It will not be possible to reach your target after doing the exercise only once. You should do these exercises in a gradual manner to reach your goal and to be safe.


Leg raises

leg raisesThe leg raise will not only be a perfect workout for your muscles, it will also help you to work out the neglected lower abdominal muscles and the hip flexors. You will be able to do leg raises by lying on a flat surface (e.g. the floor) or hanging on a raised curved bar.

If you decide to lie on the floor, you have to look for a mat. If you usually experience lower back pain, you should put a towel under the lower back area for extra support. Lie down with your back on the floor.

Raise your legs to the sky, each leg at a time. You should not bend your legs when raising them up. Make sure that they are straight as your raise them up alternatively.

When you get to the highest point, pause for a while before lowering the legs.

This is a great exercise for warming up and will also tighten the walls and areas outside and around your vulva. To reap maximum benefits, you should do this workout for at least 10 minutes and repeat 5 times a day. You can vary this exercise by moving your legs sideways. Doing these sets on regular basis will take your pussy to the state it was in before sooner than you expect.

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Yoga and meditation

Yoga is an exercise that is becoming more and more popular with the passing of each day. More and more women are realizing that their vagina can be tightened by leading a healthy lifestyle that incorporates yoga.

Yoga postures involve the contraction and relaxation of pelvic muscles leading to the tightening of the vagina in the long run. The good thing about toning of the muscles through yoga is the fact that you don’t need the help of an expert to be able to do it. You should add several poses to your usual yoga routine to get back your lost tightness. The yoga poses that you should add to your routine include Bridge pose, Child’s pose and other yoga workouts that focus on your pelvic floor.

You should avoid yoga if you are stressed or depressed. This is because when yoga is not done correctly, it can cause physical problems. If you are stressed or depressed, you should only do yoga under the supervision of yoga teacher who is certified. A yoga teacher knows the best way to tailor your workout so that it suits you best. You will be able to achieve your goals within a short time when you are getting help from a certified yoga teacher.

Also, the best place to do yoga is in a quaint and quiet place.  These quiet and quaint places will allow you to relax your mind and focus on your breathing and the exercise at hand.  A lot of people make the mistake of doing this in loud environments and it loses some of its power and appeal.  Why does this matter?  Well, in short, it matters because yoga is a workout that’s 50% about your thinking and breathing.  If you’re relaxed, you can stretch more and in turn you will make your muscles longer and tighter.  After all, that’s what we’re after here, right?

Squat workouts

squatsAll types of squats help to tighten the vaginal muscles.

If you have not been doing squats regularly, they may be harder for you to do than you think. But they will become easier when you work hard to master the skill.

To perform squats, stand with your feet outside the width of the hips. Make sure that your feet are level. Bend at the hips, pretending that you want to sit on a bench.

As you do your squats, don’t forget to lift your chest and to keep your spine in a neutral position. Push through your heels as you go back up to avoid standing on the toes. Although squats are very effective in toning muscles, they should be done correctly to avoid body aches and injuries. You should seek the help of a coach if you are having trouble doing squats correctly.

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If you lost your spark after giving birth, these routines will help a lot to bring back the lost spark. Make sure that you are doing them correctly to tighten the vagina. Take your time to learn how to do these exercises the right way before you start.

Research is very important before you start doing these or any exercise for that matter. Your body needs to react to the exercises, and Kegal exercises are developed in a way that will help a woman’s vagina start to tighten again. It will make the muscles stronger and more flexible. You can get back your tightness with time.

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How to Make your Vagina Tighter

The Best Vaginal Tightening Cream: Findings for 2016

3 bottlesAs you have probably realized by now, there are few options out there when it comes to vagina tightening and rejuvenation creams (or v creams).

V-Tight Gel is one vaginal tightening cream that we would recommend and for good reasons.

This v gel is made from natural ingredients such as Manjakani Extract, Asian Oak Trees, and Oak Wood Gall.

These ingredients have been clinically proven to restore the elasticity of the walls, as they have been used in Asian countries for hundreds of years for this specific purpose.


Three benefits of V Tight Gel

One clear benefit of this cream is that is made from 100% natural ingredients, which means you don’t have to worry about the unwanted side effects.

Secondly, the ingredients in this product trigger natural lubrication. Thirdly, you will enjoy a stronger, more intense and satisfying orgasm owing to the increased lubrication and tightening and shrinking.  You can read more about the benefits of V-tight in my review on the product.

There is nothing more you can want from a vaginal tightening product. The best thing is that it is natural. It will not harm you in any way and will give you the desired result in a short span of time. You do not need to take any pills or suffer from surgery as all the same results can be had by simply applying the gel a few minutes before you have intercourse with your partner. You will find that the gel works wonders and will make you feel young again. It will give you the tightness you had and will rekindle the passion with your partner.


V-Tight Gel Promotions

Their sales page is well designed, making it attractive to buy numerous tubes, with the option of discounts when you buy more tube.

The best thing about this product is that it is returnable. There’s absolutely nothing to lose. If you are not happy with the product, you can return it for a full refund. And that ladies and gentlemen, is how confident we are about this particular product. It’s totally like a free sample, except that it is such a great product that millions and millions of women are clamoring for these days.

You can just ask one of your friends if they have heard of the V-tight gel products and we are sure that they have in the past or they might have even used it before. That is how popular the cream is to the world. Having that kind of popularity means that it does work.

Get yours today!

Vaginal looseness myths

Tightness and looseness are controversial subjects in most relationships. Most women are too embarrassed to ask their partners if they are too loose. The few that do ask get shocking answers.

A lot of people think that the vag can stretch from too much sex and a virgin’s is small but it will loosen soon as one loses her virginity. This is not true!

Think of your vag as a thick sock that’s stuffed with a soft-hand towel squeezed by your two hands.


hand covering

The sock represents the tract, whereas the soft towel material is the muscle around the tract. The two hands are pelvic floor muscles that work like a hammock to hold up the pelvic organs, including the bladder, uterus and rectum.

Realize that the vagina is made of elastic muscle tissues that are folded like an accordion or the mouth.

These muscles allow the mouth to stretch towards the ears and allow the mouth to go back to its original position when released. No matter how many times you do this, your mouth’s form won’t be affected, as the stretching is not permanent. The same holds true for the vag muscles.

After every sexual encounter, the pussy will contract to its original size, and has no lasting stretching from a big penis. This is to say that frequent sex does not contribute to slackness as many people think.

The main culprit is childbearing mainly because the vagina expands to allow the passage of the baby. Most mothers resume their sex life somewhere between 1-3 months after childbirth.

The looseness can be compared to a rubber band.

Like a rubber band, when it is stretched and allowed to snap, it will go back to its original size. At first, the vagina will go back to its original form but will start stretching out after some time, making it almost difficult to get to its usual size. Women who give birth to multiple children are at risk of stretched walls due to fatigue of the muscles.


How to tighten your vagina

There are many ways you can shrink your floppy pussy. One of the popular techniques is the missionary position while having intercourse. During sex, hold your legs firmly when your man lifts himself up when thrusting.

Kegel exercises are other available techniques that that can firm up your loose bits. Another safe and probably the best natural alternative to surgery is V-Tight Gel. While kegel does little to tighten the pelvic floor muscles, they help to renew pelvic floor muscles that might have been fatigued as a result of aging or childbearing.

What makes kegels exceptional is that they can be done discreetly. If kegel doesn’t appear to be working, you can try vaginal cones.

Cones can strengthen your private muscles. The exercise consists of inserting these cones inside, and then holding there as you walk. Of course, cones will fall off if your pelvic floor muscles cannot hold them in place, but this will improve after a few trials.

If neither kegels nor clones appear to be working, it may be time to try electrical stimulation, technique which involves having electrical pulses inserted into you to induce muscle contraction.

How to get a youthful vagina

youthfulA floppy girly part may not sound like a big issue as it is rarely discussed openly, but it is something a vast majority of women need to know more about.

A wide vigina is a source of stress, because it makes it difficult for spouses to experience heightened sexual sensations due to reduced friction between yourself and the penis. For most women, the feeling of being unable to please their spouse leaves them feeling stressed.

Often, they start to feel unimportant to the point avoiding social gatherings.

They become so distressed that they feel they need to try anything to regain the lost confidence and to enjoy sex again.


What’s the working solution?

This articles aim to help those who are agonized by this issue and looking for a working solution.

Whatever the reason for your loose parts, there are numerous things which can help. The market is flooded with herbs that restore the strength, elasticity and suppleness to the walls. One such herb is pueraria mirifica, a plant that contains properties that have been proven to renew tissues. Ppueraria mirifica is the number one herb of choice for most women as it reduces the chances of uterus cancer. Curcuma Comosa is another herb that makes the vag more supple by protecting it against the gradual fall from its walls.

Kegel exercising is a technique that has worked for most women.

This technique is awesome as no one can know you are working to make your slackness tighter. To start, squeeze your inner pelvic muscles for between 3-5 seconds, relaxing for 3-5 seconds. Squeeze again for 5 more seconds.

If you want quick results, then you should consider V-Tight. The cream is said to shrink the walls of your vagina, thereby restoring the strength of the walls.

What makes this option unique is the fact that you will feel the effect upon using the cream and you can go back to your sex life almost immediately. The ingredients are the best: 100% natural, meaning there are no side effects.

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How to Make your Vagina Tighter

V-Tight Gel – My Experience and Honest Review for 2016

introIf you’re overly concerned about your wide vagina, odds are you have looked into a number of options for making your vagina tight.

For me personally, I was looking for ways to tighten my vagina naturally.

So I checked out several v tight gel reviews on the web, and decided to review it in detail myself.

There are many questions about v-tight gel when it comes to tightening a floppy vagina. In this post I will give you my personal experience with this product as well as what I liked, and what I disliked about it.

So does v tight gel really work?

After giving birth to my first child, I experienced what 99% of women who deliver vaginally, experience—a loose vagina. This left me with low self-confidence and unable to enjoy sex like before. My worry grew day in day out as I could no longer perform between the sheets. Of course, my husband didn’t openly voice his concerns, but I wanted to feel tight again so that I can give him more pleasure.


My personal experience

Even if spouses share a strong bond as parents, a sexless marriage can become vulnerable. This is why I jumped on Google to look for solutions to my vaginal problem. After a few months of googling such points as “how to make your vagina tight after childbirth” or “how to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles”- I was desperate to find a lasting solution.

I tried out a number of vaginal tightening methods, but all proved ineffective. I felt embarrassed or uncomfortable to have sex because of my loose vagina. After coming across a number of v-tight gel reviews and success stories, I decided to try it out and see if it works. Here’s my personal experience and after using one full v-tight gel bottle.


What did I love about the product?

3 bottlesThis product comes with the free trial offer as well as money-back guarantee. This means that you can return the product for a full refund if you don’t like it. I liked this because it allowed me to try it out without the fear of pouring my money down the drain if it did not work. For me, refunds are a big bonus when trying out a new product.

The other thing I liked is that I felt the effect almost immediately after applying the cream. Better still, I felt aroused. This was an added advantage considering users can have sexual encounters within minutes of applying it. I felt a sense of bliss and fulfillment for I knew I had found a lasting solution to my problems.


Sex became more enjoyable than it has been for months and I experienced mind-boggling orgasms. I could apply it a few minutes before making love and this made me feel tighter. It was not only the cream though, I liked that my purchase gave me various options such as v tight kegel exercise program and hygiene tips. In addition to these, they gave me discounts and free tubes for ordering a multiple tubes.

What I disliked about the product?

One of the things that I didn’t like about this product is that it can only be bought online. When you are working to tighten your wide vagina, you don’t want anyone to know. Not even your close friends. I was overly concerned about privacy and buying such a product on the web.

Luckily, when I ordered from the manufacturer, v-tight gel was delivered in a discreet package. The other thing I didn’t like was that sometimes I lost my tightness after sex. However, I regained my tightness after re-applying the v-tight gel. The inclusion of kegel exercises made me even tighter. If you use it in combination with kegel exercises, it becomes an effective product.


Why vagina tightening pills do not work?

There are women that believe that these tightening pills and products work in getting a firm body but sadly they do not work. There are far better products in the market like V Cream and V Gel that countless of ladies use up to this day that have far better results than the pills. These online products such a V Cream and V Gel have been on the market for quite a while now and millions of women can share you their experiences with the product.

The V Cream has very natural ingredients that do not harm you sensitive areas, it is safe to use unless you are pregnant or very sensitive to gels and creams which is very unlikely. Many V Gel products are available for delivery all over the world as this product is on very high demand from women of all ages. For women that think V Creams do not work as well as vagina tightening pills, then you are mistaken as you will be amazed with the results after just one day of using the V Cream or V Gel.

My verdict:

If you can comfortably afford surgery then go for it, but if you are looking for a cost-effective method, I would recommend this product. The cream works like magic! Within minutes of applying it, I felt the difference. A 100% cash back guarantee was enough to convince me to give it a try and I can proudly say it worked for me. My suggestion is to try it out, because if it does not meet your expectations you can ask for a refund. Buy directly from the manufacturer. I can’t stress this enough!

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